4 Tips On Becoming a great solo artist

As a worldwide musician and artist, young people usually come up to me and want to get some tips on breaking through the music and entertainment music. I always tell them these 4 things…

1. It’s all about sounding good plus uniqueness in style.

Look at all the other good solo artists out there. They all have their own style, and you can easily distinguish one from the other by how his music sounds. Take for example Eminem and Macklemore. They are both non-African-American rappers, and they both make music that makes it to the hits. However, if you listen to their songs, you’ll know that they both have something that makes them different from each other. What you need to do is to find that uniqueness in you that makes you different from everyone else. Find it, make it yours, polish it, and flaunt it.

2. Be yourself.

Pretending to be somebody you’re not, somebody better than you, especially if that someone gives you the attention you need, can be very addicted. But just know that people are going to be attracted in this part of you and not the real person. It may not be a big problem at first, but it’s going to get really stressful in the long run. If you want to be a good solo artist, you’ve got to make the people fall in love with the traits that you own.

3. Always strive to make yourself better.

Learning is a never-ending process. Even pros like drummer Mike Mangini never stop polishing their skills. Track and Field athletes, for instance, will never stop trying to improve their record even if it’s just a second. If you sing, keep singing and keep getting better at it. People will eventually get tired of listening to the same level over and over.

4. Know what THEY want.

For every artist, it’s the people they’re trying to reach out to that matters. You have to keep up with their latest trends and use them to your advantage. You can’t publish songs about a happy love when you’re reaching out to a brokenhearted audience. If the trendiest topic is about a girl leaving you for a better guy, then it’s probably fine for you to write a song about a girl cheating on your older brother (just an example). You have to make the people feel that they’re not alone and that you can relate to whatever they feel about the world.