The five most amazing cities I’ve played in

Many of my fans ask me how it is to always be on the road, touring around the world, and sharing my music with people from the five corners of the world. Today I’ve decided to share some of my favorite cities and places where I’ve played before. They are amazing!

Las Vegas, USA


Starting off at number 1, Las Vegas is without a doubt the best city I’ve played in. Hotels, Casinos, and so many pubs that I lost count. On our stay, my crew and I booked our rooms in the Lost Castle Hotel, and they served the best seafood I’ve ever tasted. Not only that but the day after our first stay, they offered us free use of their music room. I had to say;

I was surprised and glad that we didn’t have to drive to the nearest studio to rehearse. My crew and I spent the next 2 days sleeping in the softest bed, played in the wildest casinos, and drank the finest wines. On my performance in front of the Great Sphinx, the venue was packed with people screaming and cheering, shooting water guns and throwing water balloons at each other.

It was the wildest performance I’ve ever had, and I couldn’t help but rock on along with the audience. At the end of the show, I threw my guitar strap at the audience and watched it sink among the crowd. A week after that night, I saw the same strap in some girl’s twitter feed, and it just felt satisfying.

Family Park, Cebu, Philippines


Itwas a hot summer day, and I spent it in an open park in the Philippine Islands. I was just a minor celebrity back then, so people barely knew me, and I didn’t have to worry about camera flashes and fan swarms and the like. It was during the hot hours of the afternoon, 3 hours before my performance. But instead of rehearsing with my crew, I spent it with my cousins whom I invited to tag along. We spent the rest of the day lighting firecrackers and throwing face paints. When the night came, I had to perform in the middle of a foam party. I played mostly upbeat songs to match the liveliness of the crowd. Had to say, they loved me.

Mango Avenue, Cebu City, Philippines


This place was called the party Center of Cebu City, Philippines. It had a lot of restaurants, and bars and the city lights were just dazzling. It was in the middle of Christmas, and I was to perform on a stage in front of a 90 ft. Tall Christmas tree. It was a peaceful performance because the local government passed a liquor ban so the locals can celebrate a quiet Christmas. I had to play slow songs about love and heartbreak, and people raised their phones in the air as I played. And so started my fame in the Philippine Islands.

M-City, Nevada


The Wizards’ Eye, 213th Gerard Way, M-City, Nevada – This was a local pub in a city simply called “M.” The people here were very kind, and they offered me and my crew free drinks and massages the moment we arrived at the hotel. The set crews were also kind enough to tune our instruments for us before we played, and the people were always smiling as if life had it easy for them. During my performance, the pub was packed with a lot of people, yet the cheers were soft and controlled. I had to say; M was the most peaceful city I’ve ever been to.

Nos Feratu Compound, Durakoriya Machi, Tokyo


Hands down, Japan is my most favorite country. This was my most recent performance, and people came from all over the world just to see me. This was one of my most favorite performance because I shared a stage with KibaXAkiba, my favorite Japanese band. Before the show, they gave me a tour of the entire city. The night before, they showed my crew and me around Fukuoka and even treated us to barbecue. The lights were just dazzling, and the city gave me a unique vibe that I just can’t explain.

Have you ever been to any of this places? Please let me know in the comments below.