How Mike Love Gets His Thinking Hat On


Creativity. Does that ever scare you? Knowing that in whatever you do you need to think out of the box and prove what you are made of. It doesn’t come easily, creativity. It doesn’t come out of the blue when you’re sitting waiting for it. It comes at the oddest time of the day, be it when you’re nurturing nature’s call, when you’re out getting groceries or whenever! You do get the point, right? Bottom line is, when it comes – it comes. But sometimes, you’re pressed for time & you cannot wait around for creative ideas to strike.

I am, as you have read, an artist, a songwriter & a musician. Being creative is the only choice I have when wanting to productively write songs. There are many ways how I find the jive to do it, and one of them is by thinking what I want the song to be. Like many things in life, foundation is the vital part of anything. I use this fundamental while writing my songs, because without me myself knowing what song I want to write about, I wouldn’t get the ideas flowing. When I get the ‘what’ of it, then other things will usually but now always, flow like water.

By getting the ‘what’ of the song I’m going to write about, I usually lock myself up in a cool place, calm myself down & try to be by myself without any distraction to gather my thoughts together. I’ll take out my legal yellow pad which I always carry with me, a pen & write down head topics before I separate them down into sub topics. Trust me, ideas flow in so easily that I’ll eventually end up coming up with 2-3 songs, IN ONE GO! This right here is an old fashion way I still carry around because I have some trust issues with my phone, and I would prefer not to use it as a medium to key in my notes or lyrics onto. What if it goes ballistic & I lose everything in there? Whoa – scary! But it did happen to me once which resulted in a panic attack that I’ve recovered from since (check my source here).

As it turns out, I thought that was the only way for me to get creative. But over the years of me being from a nothing to a famous artist, I have learned more techniques on creativity. After the ‘what’ of the song, I move on to the ‘who’ of the song. I sit & think of my audiences. I remember the looks on their faces. Their rough age groups. Their responses to each song I’ve serenaded to them before. And it becomes easier. The technique I use is re-watching old footages from my concerts done before. By doing this, not only do I get the feel of what is being sung & what I am about to write, but I also get to see how far I have come by living my passion & my dreams. These old footages have given me a lot of ideas on what to write on, because I really can see what kinds of songs people out there want to listen to, based on their reactions seen from these footages.

The weirdest way I think I have come up with to being creative is by keeping toys on my writing desk. Yes. Toys. I have these figurines I play with every now & then when I’m lost for words to rhyme or words to finish the storyline to my songs. I pretend that these toys are the real lives of the people whom I’m writing about, because not all songs are based on my personal experiences. I can say that 60-70% of the time, this technique does work for me, like I said, in the weirdest way.

Being creative doesn’t have to come from mainstream techniques. Just like me & any other musicians out there, sometimes the scariest thing about creating music, not just so you create a song, but good music is the part where you’re forced to sit down & create a mind-blowing piece where everyone wouldn’t stop singing & even remember 20-30 years from now. But with different techniques shared by various artists out there including my 3 written here, that’s when our music industry becomes a versatile one like how it has become today.

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